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cork leather design - made from trees

sanne bernhammer

Mellow Fellow Copenhagen

Danish Design in Cork Leather - made of Bark from Cork Oak Trees

Mellow Fellow Copenhagen's focus is plant-based sustainable design in cork leather. The company has a desire to take an active role in changing the way we consume the planet's resources. Cork leather was love at first sight - a plant-based material that has the same qualities as animal leather and compliments the Nordic design traditions and colors.

Cork leather is produced in Portugal and the products are designed and made in Denmark in collaboration with a socio-economic sewing studio that has created creative jobs for talented people with reduced working capacity. The co-operation ensures that production complies with European legislation on minimum wages, working conditions and human rights.

Mellow Fellow Copenhagen donates to the organization One Tree Planted. For 1 USD a tree can be planted. 80% of the world's trees are already destroyed and 15% of the world's CO2 emissions are due to deforestation. Read more at

The company was started in 2019 by Sanne Bernhammer (MSc in Marketing and autodidact designer).

You are more than welcome to reach out.


All the best,

Sanne Bernhammer / owner

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